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Hood Motor Repairs

Here at Newhall, Sheffield's Independent BMW Specialists, we carry out hood motor repairs for your convertible car.  Newhall BMW can save you hundreds in repair costs with these roofs over a main BMW dealer.

Roof motor failure is a very common issue with convertible cars as the roof motor resides in the boot area and often gets water ingress.

We can diagnose and repair Any BMW roof issue here at Newhall.  Convertible roofs can suffer various faults including :

•    Hall sensors
•    Position switches
•    Wiring harnesses
•    Electrical relays
•    Hydraulic roof hoses
•    Windows / doors inhibiting roof operation 
•    Hydraulic roof motors (pump)

If everything else is salvageable a replacement roof motor can be fitted.  Some vehicles can suffer with heavier corrosion and require replacement valve bodies, wiring looms or relays. Newhall BMW can diagnose the fault and carry out the appropriate repair.

If you have any questions or wish to get your vehicle booked in with Newhall, please give one of our team a call on 0114 2421318 and we will be happy to help.